Course Maps and Elevation

Please note: All course maps are subject to change at any time. Please follow signage (Yellow Arrows Painted on road) and directions from volunteers on the course.

All turns marked on road with yellow arrow prior to turn and a confirmation arrow after turn.

GPS Zip File for Garmin and other devices compressed – SadisticCenturyGPSFiles

Queue Sheet PDF file: 2021_Sadistic_Century_100_Mile_Route

Queue Sheet PDF file: 2021_Sadistic_Century_100_Km_Route

Queue Sheet PDF file: 2021_Sadistic_Century_60_Km_Route

Biking and Training in Dunn County:

With a combination of mountain bike trails, paved cycling routes, and rolling routes through the country, Dunn County provides a variety of cycling routes for all abilities and lifestyles.

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